Water Proofing

available brands - Laticrete, Binachem

Product Description

The Binex range of waterproofing products have been specially formulated for enduring quality across a vast array of residential, commercial and industrial applications – from swimming pools to floors that get wet. Our waterproofing slurries modify the properties of concrete to create insoluble crystalline complexes that resist water even under pressure. They are designed for high coverage and economical use, while still allowing concrete to breathe. We also offer a range of waterproofing membranes designed for ceramic tile, tone and brickwork applications. The self-curing rubber polymers and reinforcing fabric work together to form a seamless barier that firmly resists water ingress. The Binex range also includes waterproofing products that do away with fabric application in the field, relying instead on self-curing liquid rubber polymer to form a flexible and seamless waterproofing shield.

Key Features