water hammer arrestors

available brands - Sioux Chief, PPP, Josam, Amtrol

Product Description

Water develops momentum as it flows through plumbing, hammering at pipes and fittings. Not only does this lead to vibrations and noisy pipes, but can drastically reduce the longevity of infrastructure while promoting leaks in joints. Binex water hammer arrestors are designed to combat this water hammering. Our water hammer arrestors are specified for commercial, industrial and residential uses. Binex’s shock-absorbing water hammer arrestors are hermetically sealed within pipes to provide air-cushion protection.They rely on a valve, and carry a carefully calibrated volume of air to dissipate water momentum and smooth flow. Sourced from leading global manufacturers, they guarantee silent operation and work across a wide band of temperatures and pressures to improve longevity in pipes, joints and infrastructure.

Key Features
  • Types (Application)
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
  • Sizes
    • Operating Pressure: Up to 400 P.S.I.G
    • Temperature Range: 100°F to 300°F (-73°C to 149°C)
    • Dimensions: (½” , ¾”, 1")
  • Standard Compliance
    • ANSI/ASSE 1010 2004