Test Plugs

available brands - Horobin

Product Description

Pipe installations need testing to ensure performance before going live. In fact, pipe testing can often be mandatory in residential and commercial applications. Binex offers a range of high quality testing plugs used to stop pipes and carry out pressure testing on all types of pipe infrastructure in the construction, water, sewerage, oil, gas petrochemicals, food and agriculture industries – among a host of other applications. Binex test plugs are carefully calibrated for a range of testing pressures and pipe diameters. They are set apart by their high-quality engineering and innovative design.

Key Features
  • Types (Application)
    • Agriculture
    • Chemicals
    • Civil Engineering
    • Construction
    • Food Processing
    • Gas
    • Oil
    • Petrochemicals
    • Pollution Control
    • Quarrying
    • Sewage
    • Ship Repair
    • Telecommunications
    • Water
  • Types (Product)
    • Steel
    • Aluminum