Plastering Accessories

available brands - Catnic, SSF

Product Description

A complete range of high-quality plaster accessories deliver stunning finishings time and again. Our metal beads reduce completion time for sharp corners and end stops, add aesthetic detail and reinforce vulnerable edges. Our metal lathing products give designers free reign to bring their vision to life, making free forms such as arches and domes easy to execute. The Binex range of plastering accessories also includes Sheet Lath, Corner Mesh, Strip Mesh, Coil Lath, Angle Beads, Plaster Stop Beads, Control Joints, Drywall Angle Beads, Drywall Edging Beads, Block Reinforcement, Ladder Mesh and others. Binex plastering accessories are sourced from suppliers that put quality first in crafting a range of fine products that help our clients deliver excellent finishings time and again.

Key Features
  • Types (Product)
    • Sheet Lath
    • Corner Mesh
    • Strip Mesh
    • Coil Lath
    • Angle Beads
    • Plaster Shop Beads
    • Control Joints
    • Drywall Angle Beads
    • Drywall Edging Beads
    • Block Reinforcement Mesh
  • Standard Compliance
    • Raw Material ASTM A653
    • Zinc Coating: G90
    • Beads: BS6452:Part 1:1984