gypsum board

available brands - Mada, National Gypsum Co., United, El Khayyat, SSF

Product Description

High quality gypsum plaster pressed between two sheets of facer and backer paper create an extremely versatile construction option for ceilings and interior walls. The smart modern substitute for traditional cement or brick walls, Binex gypsum boards save space by creating thinner walls while also offering better sound insulation and fire resistance. They have the added benefits of non-toxicity, ease of finishing, and easy availability. Our gypsum boards are also faster, easier to install and cost-competitive – making them the ideal choice for walls, ceilings and partitions. Binex gypsum boards are a staple for interior construction in residential and commercial buildings. Our gypsum board suppliers are carefully chosen for quality, with all boards manufactured to European EN520 and ASTM C1396 standards.Compact supply chains and a policy of local sourcing reduce environmental impact while streamlining operations. Available in a regular, fire resistant, moisture resistant, or both fire and moisture resistant configurations, Binex gypsum boards offer the best possible mix of availability, cost efficiency, and reliability.

Key Features
  • Types (Product)
    • Regular
    • Fire Resistant
    • Moisture Resistant
    • Fire & Moisture Resistant
  • Types (Edge)
    • TE
    • SE
    • BE
  • Sizes (Thickness)
    • 9.5 mm
    • 12.5 mm
    • 15 mm
    • 16 mm
    • 18 mm
  • Sizes (Widths)
    • 1200 mm
    • 1220 mm
  • Sizes (Lengths)
    • 2400 mm
    • 2440 mm
    • 2800 mm
    • 3000 mm