available brands - Laticrete

Product Description

From pouring to ready for foot traffic in under four hours. That’s the promise that Binex’s range of high quality flooring mortars delivers on. Offered as cementious powders that merely require the addition of water to produce a free-flowing self-levelling surface for interior sub-floors, Binex products create smooth flat surfaces with excellent durability time and again. Our products are used industry-wide for levelling uneven concrete and finishing rough screed concrete slabs. They are also ideal for new construction or remodelling projects across residential and commercial applications. Formulated to ISO and ANSI standards, Binex self-levelling mortar flooring range make for durable floors ready for use practically immediately.

Key Features
  • Types (Application)
    • Concrete Floors
    • Concrete Slabs
    • Plywood Floors
  • Sizes
    • 50 kg
  • Standard Compliance
    • ANSI A118.3
    • EN 13888
    • ISO13007