Cordless Tools

available brands - DeWalt

Product Description

The extensive Binex range of power tools is also available in cordless applications designed for portability, ergonomics, and extended power in the field. With unmatched convenience and accessibility, irrespective of where the construction site is, Binex cordless tools do away with wires for easier approach and increased safety. Available in a range of battery capacities – all backed by the latest innovations in battery performance and longevity – the Binex range of cordless tools includes compact drill drivers, hammer drill drivers, grease guns, torque wrenches, reciprocating saws, screwdrivers and heavy duty drills. All our cordless products are hand-picked from the world’s leading suppliers for unrivalled performance in the field.

Key Features
  • Types (Product)
    • Brushless Hammers
    • Compact Drill Drivers
    • Compact Hammer Drill Drivers
    • Grease Guns
    • Impact Drivers
    • Reciprocating Saws
    • Screw Drivers
    • Torque Wrenches
    • XR Heavy Duty Drills
  • Sizes (Power)
    • 12 V
    • 14.4 V
    • 18 V
    • 36 V