Bonding agent

available brands - Binachem

Product Description

The Binex range of bonding agents always deliver strength and durability, holding construction materials together in a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Our diverse range of high-quality products is manufactured to exacting standards and formulated for specialised applications as well as general purpose use. Wherever tile adhesive or grouting is required, a floor requires levelling or restoration, mortar needs patching, resurfacing is called for, or precast building panels and beams require repair, chances are you’ll see a Binex bonding agent being requested.

Key Features
  • Types (Application)
    • Floor Restoration/Leveling
    • Patching & Resurfacing
    • Repairing Precast Building Panels & Beams
  • Sizes
    • 5 Liter
    • 20 Liter
  • Standard Compliance
    • ASTM C 1059, Type 1