3 Construction Initiatives From GACA

Posted on 05 April 2020


Major projects to be completed worth more than SR 20 billion (USD 5.3 billion)

The General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia (GACA) continues to work towards expanding and modernizing the kingdom’s aviation infrastructure through strategic and valuable construction projects that will improve the functioning of the entire aviation industry.

1.  Improving Hajj and Umrah arrival halls 

GACA aims to increase annual pilgrim passenger handling capacity to 30 million, with one airport in the Mecca region, and two in the Medina region, playing a vital role. 

First, King Abdulaziz International airport (KAIA) in Jeddah will see an improvement and modernization of the existing Hajj arrival halls. Second, design and construction of the Hajj arrival hall at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Airport in Medina continues towards completion. Third, there is the design and construction of a new Hajj arrival hall at Prince Abdulmohsen bin Abdulaziz Airport at Yanbu.

2.  Completing the Taif airport

The completion of Taif Airport has been delayed for some time, with a tender issued earlier this year. The project is scheduled to be built in the northeastern section of Taif, with an approximate area of 48 million sq. meters, and an annual capacity of between five and six million passengers. The airport is expected to receive Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, with the express objective of reducing any additional pressure on KAIA.

3.  Renovation and improvement of runways

There continues to be increasing pressure on airports around the world to optimize existing assets and, at the same time, expand to meet demand. Organizations and governments are finding that emphasis needs to be placed on long-term infrastructure resilience, with special attention directed at achieving these objectives by using innovative materials, construction and monitoring techniques, digital technology and asset management. 

GACA is specifically considering runways at the Ahsa, Jawf, Wadi al-Dawasir and Al-Dawadmi Airports for renovation and improvements. Rather than relying on traditional methods, GACA is actively seeking a fresh approach to lead the way with more sustainable, durable solutions that can be replicated across projects.

GACA expect to see an increase in demand for air services, which can provide a boost to the economic infrastructure of the country and the region. Each of the listed aviation construction projects and/or upgrades is expected to increase the level of services being offered throughout the kingdom, and therefore the region, with passengers enjoying even more accessibility when traveling, and that, too, at international standards. 

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